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Paul Center's Bio

Many folks ask me how I got involved with building custom fishing rods and guiding. It all started when I wanted better rods but didn't want to spend an arm and a leg to get them. I found kits in magazines that allowed me to buy higher end technology for less money. The only trick was that they were not assembled! I bought a few books and talked to people that crafted rods. Soon I had made fly rods for my wife and me.

That slowly grew to friends and family. Before I knew what happened, I went to my first sports show. That first show really opened my eyes to the market for custom rods. Soon after that first show, I was spending many hours in my shop making custom rods of all sorts. In time, my fishing began to suffer. I should say, I didn't have time to fish. What started as a way to get better fishing rods turned into a business that kept me from fishing.

That's when I decided to start fishing as a part of the business, sell hand made rods-take people fishing, take people fishing-sell hand made rods. A peanut butter and jelly arrangement. This also got me out on the water as a part of the process instead of just at the work bench.

Many years and several hundred rods later, fishing and rod building are equally important. This ideal arrangement allows for proper field testing and inspiration for new ideas and rod configurations. Thanks to all my current and long time customers for the support over the years, welcome aboard to the new folks and those considering a Custom Rod or Angling Adventure!

Tight lines and happy fishes!


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Paul Center
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